What is SPACE?


SPACE is a self-funded not-for-profit organisation founded in January 2018, in response to the national prevalence of Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and the County Lines phenomenon which has entrenched thousands of young children and people into serious violence and organised crime.


Its primary mission is to:


*Raise awareness through lived-experience and insight, of:

County Lines, its indicators and broad impact and challenges;

Contextual Safeguarding (as County Lines exploitation is extra-familial abuse);

Relevance of missing episodes in children and young people;

National Referral Mechanism (NRM) & Trafficking under Modern Slavery Laws. 

*Make recommendations to improve inadequate or failing professional responses to County Lines' incidents.

*Collaborate with charities to enable necessary changes which will better safeguard County Lines affected children and young people, and their needs.

*Provide training seminars to equip professionals and other organisations including  those listed below, to recognise signs of County Lines and gain an understanding of the wider context of this exploitation. 


Local Authorities

Ambulance Service

Medical practitioners

Schools & OFSTED

Legal professionals

Faith leaders

British Transport Police

Public hire & taxi drivers

*Provide County Lines awareness and preventative sessions for parents and children (primary school upwards).

*Provide signposting support and advice for families directly involved in County Lines.

*Provide sessions within gang-riddled communities by inspiring role-model ex-gang mentors to disengage and remove entrenched local youths from gang and knife crime (bespoke sessions dependent on demand and availability), and empower parents and guardians as well as decrease/prevent serious violence and criminality locally.

The site is updated regularly so please check back soon. 

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