Professionals & parents wishing to learn more about County Lines & CCE may find these links useful.

Modern Slavery Act

CCE Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (SCRS)


Counting Lives

Responding to children who are criminally exploited  (The Children's Society - July 2019

Both sides of the coin

An inspection of how the police and National Crime Agency consider vulnerable people who are both victims and offenders in 'county lines' drug offending. (HMICFRS - Jan 2020)

It was hard to escape.

This review focused on 21 children from 17 local areas who died or experienced serious harm and whose cases were notified to the Panel between July 2018 and March 2019. (Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel - Mar 2020)

Modern Slavery Act 2015 Statutory Defence: A Call for Evidence - Review

(Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Dame Sara Thornton - Oct 2020)


Recommended Must Listen/Watch/Reads:

We've selected the following resources as they provide a crucial grasp and insight into the salient issues for both professionals and the general public, service users and providers.


SPACE on Freedom 2 June 2021

Co-authored Briefing Launch of Making Words Matter

Attending to Language when working with children subject to or at risk of Exploitation: A Practice Guidance Afua Appiah, Steve Baguley, SPACE & Dr Romana Farooq

June 2021

SPACE / Human Trafficking Foundation Co-Hosted Forum March 2021

The Times - Who Killed CJ Davis

SPACE on Blondy's People (Kendra Houseman) Aug 2020

Dr Carlene Firmin (Contextual Safeguarding Network) - TEDx Talk

research in practice

Video Presentation by Dez Holmes 'Keeping Teenagers Safe:Parents Matter'

NPIES National Conference 'County Lines Through Parents' Lens' - Oct 2019



Missing people

APPG Runaway and Missing - Children & Adults

"All of us were broken."

An exploratory study on the experiences of family members whose children have been criminally exploited and been frequently missing, showing that families are being failed, forgotten and ignored by services. (Jul 2019)

Children’s Society