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Child victims of modern slavery in the UK

Data sources on child victims

March 2022




Keeping children safe in education

DfE Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges

Sept 2021

Independent Review of Drugs

Professor Dame Carol Black





Working Together to Safeguard Children

DfE 2018 Statutory guidance on inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Updated Dec 2020



Code of Practice for Victims of Crime in England and Wales


November 2020



Modern Slavery Act 2015 Statutory Defence: A Call for Evidence - Review

Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Dame Sara Thornton

Oct 2020


It was hard to escape

This review focused on 21 children from 17 local areas who died or experienced serious harm and whose cases were notified to the Panel between July 2018 and March 2019. (Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel)

Mar 2020


Both sides of the coin

An inspection of how the police and National Crime Agency consider vulnerable people who are both victims and offenders in 'county lines' drug offending. (HMICFRS)

Jan 2020

Counting Lives

Responding to children who are criminally exploited  (The Children's Society)

July 2019




All of us were broken

An exploratory study into family experiences of child criminal exploitation. (Missing people)





National Crime Agency (NCA)

NCA Intelligence  Assessment


County Lines, Drug Supply, Vulnerability and Harm 2018


National Briefing Report 


County Lines Violence, Exploitation and Drug Supply - Nov 2017

National Briefing Report


County Lines Gang Violence, Exploitation and Drug Supply - Nov 2016

NCA Intelligence Assessment 


County Lines, Gangs, and Safeguarding - Aug 2015


NCA Intelligence  Assessment - County Lines, Drug Supply, Vulnerability and Harm 2018

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