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SPACE is a self-funded organisation founded in January 2018, in response to the national prevalence of Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and the County Lines phenomenon which has entrenched thousands of young children and people into serious violence and organised crime.


Its primary mission is to keep all children and young people safe from serious criminal, violent and emotional harm by:

Awareness and Education on County Lines exploitation through a unique perspective of lived insights and law-enforcement background (including Modern Slavery and Trafficking):


Indicators, broad impacts including trauma, professional gaps and challenges and dual status of victim and offender;

Power and influence of grooming and rewiring of children, including methods and vulnerabilities;

Focus and necessity for a Contextual Safeguarding response in extra-familial harm;

Relevance of Missing episodes and issues post-18;

Link between Neurodivergence and (C)CE), and over-representation of ADHD/Autism;

Challenges around Consent & adolescent Transition;

Relevance of National Referral Mechanism (NRM), Trafficking and Modern Slavery laws;

Link between CCE, CSE and Extremism and Radicalisation;

Mental Health and Trauma;

Parents as Safeguarding Partners.

Recommendations to improve inadequate or harmful professional responses to County Lines exploitation.

Collaboration with appropriate others to enable necessary changes to better safeguard County Lines affected children and young people, and their needs.

Training and equipping public, private and third-sector professionals, to recognise signs of County Lines and gain rare insights and understanding of the wider context of this exploitation. 

  • Law Enforcement

  • Local Authorities / Social Care Placements

  • Health 

  • Education / OFSTED

  • Judiciary / CJS

  • Legal Practitioners

  • Faith / Community Groups

  • Taxi / Private Hire Firms

  • Parents / Carers

Educating and empowering parents, carers, children and young people through awareness and prevention sessions, including steps to take if affected.

Provision of SPACE Steps, a national, free and dynamic advocacy and advice service for families directly affected by County Lines exploitation.

Campaigning for change within the current multi-agency response to (C)CE.

SPACE is founder and co-lead of NPIES (National Parents as Partners in Exploitation Safeguarding) Advisory Group which seeks to highlight and remedy the holes in the (C)CE safety net.

We also brought to wider attention the disparity in statutory recognition of domestically exploited UK victims and the absence of support for their plight and needs within the Modern Slavery framework, designed for foreign national victims.

Offering unique consultancy on all aspects of Countylines exploitation including expert witness services.


SPACE - National Advisory Groups & Collectives


  • NPIES (Parents as Partners in Exploitation Safeguarding) Advisory Group - Founder & Co-Lead

  • OFSTED Knife Crime Expert Advisory Group

  • NCLCC (National County Lines Coordination Centre) Advisory Group

  • Contextual Safeguarding Scale Up Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Collective

  • National Missing People Policing Group

  • Missing People Expert Reference Group

  • Home Office Modern Slavery Children's Task and Finish Group