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SPACE Resources

Crucial insight into Countylines exploitation for professionals and parents.

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'Tick-Tock Tommy Worlds' - Video (1 min) 
Collaboration with Stephen Croshaw (Sept 2023)

Parallel Worlds' - Debt-Bondage - Video (1 min)
Collaboration with Stephen Croshaw (Dec 2022) -

#NoticeMe! June 2022 - Film & Accompanying Parent Guide
Advisor to Trevelyan Middle School (Windsor) on Pupil-Led Project

Countylines Debt-Bondage May 2022 - Audio
SPACE Steps - Parent Accounts 

Child Exploitation campaign  July 2021 - Video

Consultancy project (Stop The Traffik)




SPACE on Freedom June 2021 - Podcast

In Conversation with Melanie Manning

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 Attending to Language when working with children subject to or at risk of Exploitation:

 A Practice Guidance - Afua Appiah, Steve Baguley, Dr Romana Farooq & SPACE - June 2021

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 SPACE / Human Trafficking Foundation Co-Hosted Forum March 2021

 Presentations from lesser-heard speakers on Countylines 


The Times Podcast Series - Who Killed CJ Davis August 2021

Part 2  - 'Descent into Crime' feat. SPACE


SPACE on Blondy's People Interview  Aug 2020

In Conversation with Kendra Houseman

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